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dots object

Being inspired by passion in travelling and years of experience in design, Dot objects’s team determined to study characters and functionalities of material in order to come up with unique bicycles.


Our design team intentionally explore plywood and its possibilities in applications, due to its strength and warm touch and feel. Although wooden bicycle has been introduced in the market for sometime, Dots object wooden bicycles' parts and accessories are handcrafted and uniquely designed to better fit in with wood. Using wood veneer, more than 40 layers of thin slices of different types of wood are laid and glued on each other, giving high strength and makes forming curves and shapes become possible. Moreover, wood veneer also allows the team to create an aesthetic and vintage mood and feel by designing wood laying arrangements in production process that ultimately becomes Dots object unique wood pattern, showing true natural finishing texture.


Designing Dots object wooden bicycles, we give high attention to details and places an importance on both practical usages and balance in its appearance. Main concept in introducing each model comes from an inspiration to allow people to have great aesthetics in traveling, to RIDE THE DESIGN, RIDE WITH STYLE,





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